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We improve financial outcomes for our clients. From articles on collection practices that provide insights for people managing delinquency to case studies, showing how clients reached their goals using the solutions and thought leadership of TriVerity & The Loan Service Center. Take a look at articles and case studies that can help you connect with the industry and your consumers.

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Educational Articles

The Keys to Effective Bankruptcy and Repossession Strategies
As consumers struggle to make payments, it is vital for financial institutions to implement successful bankruptcy and repossession strategies.

Conquering Collection Challenges: Five Common Obstacles and Strategies for Success
The collection industry faces persistent challenges in navigating the complexities of the job. From day-to-day issues that arise to high-level hurdles, there is much to overcome to achieve a thriving collection department.

Navigating the Financial Landscape: How 2023’s Economic Realities Impacted Financial Institution Borrowers
Delinquency rates continue to rise as high inflation and the loss of government assistance cause severe financial strain on consumers. Without proper preparation, a financial institution could find itself in a difficult place with insufficient support for borrowers and staff.

Brace for the Impact of Rising Auto Loan Delinquencies, Repossessions, and Bankruptcies
Without proper preparation, a financial institution could find itself in a difficult place with insufficient support for borrowers and staff.

How Financial Institutions Should Prepare for the Return of Student Loan Repayments
With President Biden's student loan relief plan invalidated by the Supreme Court, borrowers will resume payments on their student loans this September.

Outsourcing Collections to the Right Partner Will Lead to More Effective Debt Recovery
Outsourcing collections, especially to an all-inclusive partner, can help navigate potential pain points and avoid a decrease in staffing due to low employee performance and morale.

Navigating Rising Delinquencies
With elevated interest rates and inflation, paired with low wage increases, consumers are feeling the financial strain.

Financial Institutions Fear Loan Loss Amidst Recession Predictions
Encountering extreme fluctuations in the economy can be threatening to financial institutions. With the recent inflation increase due to the Federal Reserve’s attempt to slow rising interest rates, we now see many concerned about a sharp slowdown.

How Can Your Financial Institution Help Its Consumers Prepare for Recession Predictions in the New Year?
As we enter the new year, we stand on uncertain ground with predictions of the recession still being told. How can your financial institution prepare its borrowers ahead of time?

Navigating the Labor Shortage and Rising Delinquencies with Outsourcing
Learn how outsourcing your collections can help you overcome the economic climate.

Take Charge of the Collection Call Combine Power Words with Active Listening
To motivate is to create a desire in the consumer to act, in this case through words.

Adapting Your Collection Approach Proactive, Empathetic, Personalized
With the pandemic winding down and economic conditions continuing to evolve, it is difficult to predict when, or how quickly, a consumer’s financial picture will recover.

Strategize for More Consistent Collection Recoveries
Collection departments play a vital role in their consumers’ financial well-being. For many discussing personal debt is a scary and unfamiliar subject.

Managing the Workplace: Staff Well-being
Working from home has been an employee request for a very long time. And after nearly a year of having staff partially or completely working remotely, a lot has been learned.

Building a Digital Strategy for Post-COVID Debt Recovery
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, financial institution relief and government support programs are due to expire, and many Americans are still struggling financially.

Adapting Practices as the Economy Reopens Statistics Show Caution and Uncertainty
In addition to critical decisions on consumer expectations and staffing strategies, we are experiencing a fast-changing communication and technology landscape.

Today’s Genuine Consumer Experience Builds Loyalty for Tomorrow
Now more than ever, the financial institution philosophy of “people helping people” is critical to maintaining consumer loyalty.

360 Degree Collection Department Training
Success stories are often the result of tiny steps in the right direction.

Payment Plan Negotiations
Consumer debt collection efforts can reach a point where you consider taking partial payments or setting up a payment plan.

Welcoming Change Management
Often a complex and difficult process - change is inevitable and frequently leads to progress.

Verify, Verify, Verify
In our mobile society more consumers are moving geographically for economic reasons.