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Join us at TriVerity and The Loan Service Center!

We offer positions that provide the opportunity and the environment for employees to grow personally and professionally within the organization. We maintain a workplace culture that fosters open and honest communication, teamwork, trust, fun, respect, appreciation, hard work, accountability, shared values and results.

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Employee Success Highlight

“I have been with TriVerity for over 15 years and can honestly say I love what I do! I work with wonderful people, making it easy to come to work every day… I even look forward to it! The community at TriVerity can be defined as ‘Team Players’, if you need something, someone is willing to help even if they are in a different department.”

- Amy Remitz
“30+ years at the same company is nearly unheard of these days. But the years I’ve spent with TriVerity have allowed me to build a wonderful life for myself and also given me a great network of friends who I cherish. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world to have found this company when I was just twenty two years old.”

- Ottis Woods
“I have been with this company for many years, and I still love it here! The people really work together to get the job done and there are endless opportunities to grow and to challenge yourself!”

- Sarah Tessier
“I have been with TriVerity for over 27 years. I work with a terrific group of people who are my work family! I have seen a lot of growth over the years and am grateful to be a part of it. Working at a place that still values family and relationships has been a blessing for my family - we are currently on our 3rd deployment.”

- Amy Noyes-Mellen
“I’ve been with TriVerity and The Loan Service Center for over five years and have had the privilege of being part of a team that’s not only driven by excellence but also fueled by a sense of camaraderie and support! The growth I’ve experienced, both personally and professionally, is a testament to the supportive environment and endless opportunities provided here. I’m grateful to have found a company that prioritizes their employees’ well-being and career development.”

- Sarah Kocon
“I started at TriVerity 14+ years ago in the Admin area, moved to the Loan Service Center and then on to the TriVerity side. It feels like yesterday! The people here are all great and, to be honest, I don’t think I have ever said I’m not going to work today because I love what I do, and the people I work with make it amazing! The customers I talk with make the day exciting, I love to hear their stories. The fun things planned for employees and employee benefits are a welcome bonus - I plan to work here until I retire!”

- Candy Kolbow
"I joined The Loan Service Center team in 2017. My wife worked for the company. She told me to come here because the people were amazing, and they treat you very well. I have since learned that the people are great, the job is very flexible, the benefits are great, and I love coming to work every day."

- Jason Orbeck
"I have been with the Loan Service Center since 2010. With all the support and encouragement I have received over the years, I moved to the extended services department and became a bankruptcy coordinator. What a fun and amazing TEAM to work with! I am eternally grateful."

- Sonya Marsala
"10 years seem to have gone by in the blink of an eye. This company has allowed me to grow in so many ways. From starting off as a collector to coordinating bankruptcies, then repossessions, to now being a supervisor. I love that every day, I get to learn & grow not only in my role but with my company!"

- Shannon Betz
"I have worked in collections since 2002 and have worn many hats in this industry. I have worked for companies that made me feel like I am “just a number” and can easily be replaced. I have been a lead and a manager, working under some of the most unpleasant leadership I have ever experienced. I came to TriVerity a little over 9 years ago and have never been happier in my ENTIRE career. I have recruited many people to work at my company because I am so passionate about the people who run it! The leadership here genuinely cares about each and every one of us. They always have an open-door policy, treat everyone fairly and put our mental health as a priority. People work here to retire because it’s that good of an environment! Working for TriVerity is truly a blessing and the best (and only) company I have ever worked for!"

- Jodi Schintz
"I joined TriVerity and The Loan Service Center over 16 years ago. No day seems to be the same, but one thing is consistent: Our team is one of the best to be a part of! The number of referrals we receive from employees continues to impress me. Our employees want their circle to be part of our team!"

- Kindy Gajeski
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Because employees are our greatest asset, TriVerity and The Loan Service Center have created a work atmosphere that is challenging, financially rewarding and enjoyable. We offer great benefits such as a generous paid time off plan, competitive compensation, comprehensive medical benefits packages, and a 401K program. Learn more about TriVerity and discover how together, we can deliver what’s possible.

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